Powering the future

Renewable Ravenswood calls for the renewable repower of the 1960s-era fossil units at Ravenswood – retiring and replacing them with renewables.

Plans for Renewable Ravenswood were developed by Rise Light & Power based on several years of engagement with local labor leaders, political and government officials, and environmental justice and community advocates to ensure delivery of unprecedented benefits, including: 

  • Serve as New York City’s Largest-Ever Environmental Justice Project:
    Plans have been developed in coordination with local community and environmental justice leaders, the NAACP, and local New York City Housing Authority housing developments to ensure local economic benefits accrue directly to community members.
  • Utilize Existing Infrastructure to Lower Costs:
    This project will retire and repurpose the real estate and infrastructure of three fossil fuel units at Ravenswood to facilitate cost-effective integration of renewable resources. 
  • Provide a New Model for a Just Transition for Union Workers:
    Coordination with the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) Local 1-2 to ensure their workers are trained and employed in the renewable work at the facility—keeping and creating family-sustaining, union jobs.
  • Significantly Reduce Fossil Fuel Dependence and Greenhouse Gases Emissions:
    Doing so will significant reduced carbon emissions, especially in nearby underserved communities that have borne the brunt of the fossil fuel economy.

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