A plan to turn the Ravenswood power plant into a clean energy hub

The Renewable Ravenswood plan is made up of five pieces.

Attentive Energy One and Offshore Wind

Attentive Energy One is an offshore wind project—it’s the first step to realizing Renewable Ravenswood!

Located 50+ miles off of Long Island, it will deliver wind energy to New York through an underwater cable running below the East River called the Queensboro Renewable Express. In addition to Attentive Energy One, we will continue to look for offshore wind projects to provide even more energy.

North River Renewables and Upstate Sources

Wind and solar energy from Upstate New York will be connected to Ravenswood.

There’s not enough space to build enough solar panels and wind turbines in NYC for all the energy we need—that’s why many projects will be located in Upstate New York.

Large-Scale Battery Energy Storage

Large scale batteries will be built at Ravenswood to store the energy generated by renewable sources when they are not operating (e.g. when the wind is not blowing and the sun is not shining).

Thermal Energy Network

Thermal systems at Ravenswood (originally used to cool down generators) will be re-used to provide heating and cooling for nearby homes and businesses to replace oil and gas heating and hot water systems.

This will require an ongoing engineering study that is being funded jointly by New York State and Rise Light & Power.

Just Transition and Union Jobs

Rise is committed to making sure that the existing workforce (including the union members on site represented by Utility Workers Union of America Local 1-2), along with the rest of the community, has access to clean energy training to help power the future.

Steps we’re taking to make the vision a reality

This transition to a clean energy hub will take many years, but we are dedicated to making Renewable Ravenswood a reality. Here are some of the steps we’ve already taken, and the ones we plan to take in the future.

Developed the Renewable Ravenswood plan to help us replace all three large steam generators built in the 1960s.

Performed detailed surveys, compiled engineering studies, and built partnerships to make this project a reality.

Permanently retired 17 small gas generators, also known as “peakers”.

Attentive Energy secured a lease from the Federal government to build off-shore wind in the Atlantic Ocean.

Rise Light & Power acquired an interest in Attentive Energy to deliver the energy produced by off-shore wind to New York City via the Ravenswood Generating Station.

Checkpoint 1: Attentive Energy One proposal selected to deliver offshore wind energy to New York’s grid by NYSERDA.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is the state agency in charge of increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy, and reducing reliance on fossil fuels. NYSERDA is looking to buy offshore wind energy from developers to help reach the state’s clean energy goals. The offshore wind farm will be constructed, connected to the energy grid, and provide power to NYC.

Ellipse 4-svg

We are here. Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) selected the Attentive Energy One project in New York State’s highly competitive third offshore wind solicitation, setting a national example for transitioning fossil fuel plants to clean energy hubs.

Checkpoint 2: Get approval to construct the equipment to transfer energy to NYC from the Public Service Commission via Article VII Process.

The Public Service Commission (PSC) is the state commission that regulates electric, gas, steam, telecommunications/cable, and private water utilities in New York. The approval required from the Public Service Commission is called an Article VII Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need, or “Article VII.”

The energy needs to travel about 100 miles to get to Ravenswood—this will be done with an underwater cable named the Queensboro Renewable Express. Just like subway tunnels and water lines, the cables will be safely buried beneath the bottom of the East River and New York Harbor. Building underwater avoids needing to cross private property, parks, and other public space!

After the checkpoints are passed, Attentive Energy One will complete design and begin construction in the late 2020s.

Rise will continue to engage with the community to give updates on the project. Rise will consider ways to improve Ravenswood Generating Station to provide workforce development, reliable electricity, and other services.

Define what community investments look like.

Rise and its Ravenswood neighbors explore how a Thermal Energy Network would work to provide heating and cooling for nearby homes and businesses, including NYCHA, by replacing oil and gas heating and hot water systems.

Together with Ravenswood communities, create a vision for the transformation of the Ravenswood Generating Station site.

[language about the long-term vision of Renewable Ravenswood]

Construction of the Ravenswood Generating Station site begins according to the project and community visions.